Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Customer Christmas Cards

These are the Christmas cards that I'm giving to all my Pizza D'Oro customers. My original thought was to make a few cards for our favourite and best regular customers but when I mentioned it to John, my WONDERFUL husband, he thought it was a great idea and started rattling off ALL our customers. I was thinking 50ish customers; I have now made 130 cards, 15 of each design, which by the way exactly all fit in craft box.

Since these were for customers and not my special family and friends, I wanted to make these as inexpensively as possible yet maintain a certain elegance. I think I've achieved this.

My favourite one is the white trees on Kraft with red accent and snowflake ribbon. Second favourite is the Jingle all the way reindeer. My least favourite is the green one with the tree in the center. It's a nice cards but too simplistic for me. Average cost per cards was $0.40; can't beat that.

1 comment:

  1. Diane, you did a phenomenal job on the Christmas cards for your customers! You should be very proud of yourself for doing that many GORGEOUS cards :) WTG!!!