Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chicks & Chocolate and a Challenge night

Monday was our first Chicks &Chocolate and a Challenge night. Don't know who invented this concept but I salute you. Rules are simple: I give you a challenge, you come over and play but you must bring something chocolate. It can be home-made or store bought, something simple.
I had three ladies rise to the challenge. I didn't take a picture of all the chocolate we got to indulge in but I won't make that mistake next month, which is on my birthday, Monday February 13th from 6pm - 9pm. Everyone local is invited, just email me by Thursday before so I can email you the challenge.
I am posting each gals cards separately so they can enter the challenge as an individual and qualify for the prize or award if any from said challenge.
But if you're just dropping by to see what I have finally posted, they will follow this post.

A small favour to ask of my followers: Please vote for your favourite card. You can either comment on card, email me, or Facebook me your reply. I would like reward the most popular card with a surprise.

These are the challenges we participated in: Paper Pal Arts' colour combination and Eat, Sleep, Stamp's sketch.
For some reason, I can't add the pic of the sketch we used, just visit the site to see the layout.

A.S. Cards

This lady wished that I didn't post her cards, she didn't think they were worthy but I say "Baloney!" I think they are beautiful so I will leave them anonymously known as A.S.
Here's her cards, she had time to make two:

And what's your opinon? Do you like these cards? Please comment and I will forward your encouragements onto A.S., even if you are not voting one of these cards as your favourite.

Candace's Cards

This is the second time this lady has attempted to conjure up a card. The first was her wedding invites, and they turned out great. Candace usually just comes over and plays at most of my events. She usually doesn't have to use her imagination, just sits and assembles, and of course has a great time. I am glad that she rose to the challenge and her attempts were wonderful. Congratulations Candace!
She even had time to make two cards as well. Here they are:

I then convinced her to add a little red heart to the big blue heart for contrast. Looked amazing! Please comment words of encouragement to Candace and I will forward them, even if you don't vote for one of these as your favourites.

Carol's Card

Carol has been stamping for a long time, longer than me I think, and definitely more often. She only made one challenge card because she had many others on the go that she wished to complete and add to her collection. Here is her take on the challenges:
I love it even though she added brown. But I can't see the card looking great without it. And what about those chickadees. I just might have to borrow that stamp set. Again, please comment words of encouragement and I will forward them even if it's not your favourite card.

Diane's cards

Finally, my take on the challenges. When I first saw the sketch challenge, I said: "Easy, Peasy!". NOT. I had many ideas floating in my head but it was harder to manifest them on paper. Then I just thought "keep it simple stamping", when searching through my stamp sets.  The Open Sea one cried to be inked up.
Here is my first take, I like the way it turned out:
 This second card was inspired by one of A.S.' cards.

Please VOTE for your favourite card out of the seven examples shown above this post.